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It’s the third instalment of my recipe for the Captain Black costume. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, where have you been!?! Seriously? I kid, but you may wish to start at the beginning. Not that I’m telling you how to live your life, actually, just read whatever, whenever.

In this blog we’re covering how the shirt, trousers and boots were made, or to be more precise, acquired. After the success of creating the jacket and surviving the hat build, it’s a relief to find out these minor elements are mostly straight up buys! Crafters worry not, there is still some assembly required.


Grey turtle neck jumper

Grey trousers

Grey thread (only if either jumper or trousers need altered)

Black riding boots

Spectrum logo (digital version on memory stick or file host (e.g. Dropbox))


 One small sewing machine, small in size, but big in heart! (Only if any pieces need modified)

Gaffa tape (roughly 87% of all costumes, however I didn’t use any in the making of these items, but I still strongly believe you should have it to hand. Always.)



Turtle Neck Jumper

Underneath the awesome Spectrum jacket each agent wears a dark grey turtle neck jumper with a Spectrum logo on the cuff of each sleeve. It is dark grey. For every colour of agent. I have looked with extreme close up. I am laying this on thick in preparation for the nitpicker retaliation. I know in comics, paintings, toys, drawings, they may have made them black. But the genuine uniform is dark grey. Please allow me to put my soapbox to the side, and carry on.

When purchasing this item, you really want something the same thickness as a t-shirt. You don’t want a woolly jumper, with crazy patterns. I searched for mine online, and could only find one suitable jumper, although it wasn’t in my size. I took the bigger one and modified it by taking up the sleeves. It was a bit long, but you tuck that bit out of sight anyway. It’s important that you make any modifications prior to printing on the logos, else you may mess up the placement. The logos go on the outside of the sleeve. If you stand straight, arms straight down, it should be on the outside, with the crease or seem line in its centre, a few inches from the end of the cuff. If that is confusing, watch some episodes, they do wicked close ups with human hands that show it perfectly. With the logo, make sure you get the correct original logo, not the CGI new series. I have nothing against the series, but this guide is for making the original 1967 series costume.


Grey trousers

Pick a grey colour that compliments, or ideally matches the turtle neck. Buy in your size, or alter as needed. The only real thing to make sure of with the trousers is that they have a sharp crease down the front of each leg. Colonel White undoubtedly insisted upon a perfectly pressed uniform, and, Mysteron or not, we owe it to him to oblige!



For my costume, I used black riding boots. They weren’t too pricey, and really looked the part. They are not precise in screen accuracy. They miss a band that runs across the part where the ankle and foot meet, and a band that runs round the top of the boots. Alongside the ticking clock of being ready for Andercon, I also didn’t want to attempt to add these two bits, because I thought it would look obviously altered, and kinda crappy. I’d welcome suggestions from others on making 100% accurate boots, as well as how to get them in solid red, or the other agent colours. Again, this is one of the reasons why I chose Captain Black, I knew black boots would be obtainable, red or blue, not so much!


That’s us two thirds of the way through our Captain Black costume recipe. After the trials of the jacket and hat, it is nice to pull together these easy to obtain elements. You may wonder why I haven’t provided specific links to buying items online – this is intentional! I don’t get paid to promote products, so I don’t! If you really want a link, message me and I’ll happily oblige.

Don’t forget to join me next time, when I’ll be having glue gun fun and getting loaded for bear with the Spectrum gun and holster.

And remember, if it wasn’t meant to be fun they’d call it Coswork.


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